About Us

This Chick Is Raw, Inc. started with a vision of simply bettering the health of a few family members and in time has expanded gradually throughout the South Florida area providing 100% organic, Raw Prepared Meals and Raw Fermented Beverages and Foods.

It is funny how a Pre Med student in her dorm room, (now graduate), who always got ridiculed for bringing in strange research material and experiments; has harnessed her skills from well over 10 years of experience and having a holistic practitioner (40 year veteran) as a mentor at a young age. Since then, This Chick Is Raw opened its doors in 2013 with the goals in mind of providing 100% beneficial, naturally occurring carbonated beverages, which begins a process of easing digestive problems skin problems, increasing vitality, improving longevity, and immune disorders.

            So here we are, with plans to stay providing South Florida with 100% Organic Gourmet Foods and beverages. So, if you are ending a 30 day or 50 day fast and you need something to bring you back to life, think of This Chick Is Raw if you would love to have an exhilarating experience. Come try our probiotic blends of foods and beverages, everything is 100% Vegan and Raw!

              In time, your purchases, which we greatly appreciate, will help This Chick Is Raw reach our goals of providing high quality ancient recipes with 100% organic and or local ingredients.  South Florida today, the world tomorrow!

Brittny Schwartz is the creator of the products that This Chick is RAW! Offers you. She holds a bachelor and Master’s in biological sciences at Nova Southeastern University, which is located in South Florida. She also holds a CPT and specialist in performance nutrition certification. Since the age of 13 she has studied Chinese and Persian healing with herbs, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

Want to Know More?

Brittny Schwartz holds a B.S. and Master’s in Biological Sciences from Nova Southeastern University. Brittny became especially passionate about natural healing modalities at age 14, when her mom was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). To help ease her mom’s suffering, she began an apprenticeship with a holistic practitioner who taught her about ancient healing modalities and the power of raw, living, and fermented foods. Brittny decided that the knowledge she had gained through the mentorship could not only help her mom, but many people! And one of those people was herself.

After years of eating commercial, processed food and suffering from poor concentration, Brittny discovered that her body was ridden with candida. Ironically, while suffering from candida, she was studying flora and fauna in biology class at Nova Southeastern University.

Consequently, she decided to do more than her fair share of homework—she started making homemade, probiotic rich foods and beverages, including kombucha, to heal herself. Luckily, she was able to test her ingredients in the microbiology lab to make sure she was ingesting the right bacteria. It turns out, she was! But this great discovery had its challenges.

“In college, I brought my kombucha tea with a little tiny mushroom-looking organism into class and everybody made fun of me,” Brittny said. “It took me a year to create my own SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). People thought I was crazy, sitting in my dorm room closet, brewing and testing my kombucha.”

Little did her classmates know just how crazy good she would become at helping people heal with her products and her knowledge. The more she worked on her kombucha, the more she discovered just how many forms of beneficial bacteria, vitamins, minerals, and self-generating healing acids she could cultivate* into just one beverage.

*We choose the word cultivate to indicate the precise science involved in fostering the perfect habitat for beneficial bacteria and yeast to thrive and provide optimal impact to the human body. Many kombuchas on the market are simply sparkling fruit juices or glorified sodas. This Chick is Raw produces medicinal elixirs with benefits that far surpass anything available in commercial retail stores.

Determined to share the power of food as medicine and provide access to high quality nutrition, Brittny launched This Chick is Raw, Inc. in 2013.

In loving memory of my little brother Nicolas Bumgardner 

Feb 25, 1999 – Jan 17, 2021