I love All of Brittny’s products. In fact I drove all the way to the farmers market just to get her stuff. It’s worth the drive becasue her quality is the best and I highly recommend it to all you guys to get her kimchi and probiotics and other supplements.

Jack Yee

When I first found out about This Chick Is Raw, I was incredibly ill with gut issues. I had multiple food sensitivities and had a very short list of safe foods that my body wasn’t reacting to. After consulting with Brittny, I began her dietary recommendations and a custom tailored plan on her products. Within days of starting the Apothecary Kombucha, I felt my body come to life again! It was truly amazing. Over time, I achieved great gut health and am now happily enjoying a variety of food again. I have my life and energy back. Not only do I consider Brittny a trusted source for guidance on my health, but I consider her a great friend. She truly cares about people and that is reflected in the quality of her products. You don’t have to be as ill as I was to enjoy the benefits of probiotics and healing elixirs!

Kendall Ondrejack

I was having allergic reactions for months. My skin would swell, red patches with small watery itchy bumps. Mostly on my face. My breathing would become difficult, and I was drained of energy most of the time. The doctors just kept putting me on Prednisone which only helped temporarily. Since you introduced me to Kombucha, which I’ve been drinking daily, I’ve noticed a reduction in the allergies. My skin hasn’t been reacting as harshly as before, and I haven’t needed to use my inhaler as much. I’ve had more energy, and I haven’t had as much acid reflux. I feel as though Kombucha has been a blessing to my body. I wish I would have known sooner about this fantastic tea. My partner mentioned this seems to be helping his hemorrhoid. Thank you so much for helping me rebuild my immune system the right way!


When your clients make you question your product being beneficial, here are my results:

More energy after 3 shots on Saturday
Skin improvement seen on Sunday

No cravings at all and feel satisfied after eating

I have been vegan/high raw/ gourmet raw for 11 years and could not lose weight. I am a certified detoxification specialist that believed that fermentated foods were not healthy, now I am rethinking that. I look forward to seeing how things progress.

Thank you
Gail Breiterman

This chick is raw kombucha is a healing elixir and can be implemented into a diet or also can be used to prevent sickness like I did during a long day of work in the rain I was able to catch my symptoms in good time and utilized the kombucha after work at night and on the following morning and I felt rejuvenated with no hinderance nor sickness.

Armando Ocon

I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years and feel extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with Brittny and the tonics she has dedicated her life to creating. The first week of consuming the kefir and jun tea, a friend commented on the softness of my skin. I thought it was a coincidence but as I have continued drinking it, other changes made me stop and take notice. I had a bacterial infection that was non responsive to 2 cycles of antibiotics that went away within the first 2 weeks. In order of observation. I noticed my nails stopped chipping, my mood lifted and a greater sense of sustained calm resided within me. My digestion became notably better. I also observed a heightened sense of mental clarity. To my surprise, my eyesight and hearing seemed to improve. Even my esthetician noticed a “40% improvement” in my skin.

I began to research why all of these changes were happening and everything I read and learned validated what I was experiencing externally and internally. The benefits continue to reveal themselves. Ultimately, I feel more “here” – more connected, aware, and vibrantly well.

These products and Brittny, who I no longer describe as a biologist, but a biologenius, garner my highest recommendation and utmost support. When health is no longer considered of secondary importance, I am certain everyone will recognize the brilliance of this product and force behind it.

Darlene Sapira

Hi Brittany, It was great meeting you at the Farmers Market on Saturday. I am LOVING my goji berry Kombucha and need to get more and try other flavors of yours, I am hooked!!!!

Paula Bruce

I just found The Best kombucha tea here in Florida, please check their website thischickisraw.com.

Tecia Linville

I have been having beneficial and in some cases dramatic results from the Blueberry and Cinnamon tonics and your Kimchi. All of them seem to have been dramatically acting on the combination of perhaps bacterial, maybe candida, maybe parasites, maybe molds or fungal, communities that may still be existing in reduced form in my body after five months of treatments with John. Those treatments have been very effective, and I am worlds better and different than what I was from his colloidal gold, copper, and silver.

I am also feeling a lot better in a number of ways. I am feeling like many different systems and functions in my body are starting to function better. I have long felt and believed that we all in general, and my body in particular, can benefit from receiving a wide variety of nutrients and active strata within foods that have largely disappeared from most other food streams. In many cases, our ancestors used to have these foods as part of their daily lives. We need and can benefit from them too.

Gary Groush

Hi! It is Ludy, DEJAN’S friend. I wanted to thank you for being an inspiration and gracious to share your knowledge. I believe your Kombucha is a work of Art. You are truly an alchemist. Yet I have been able to take the knowledge you have shared and made simple kombucha brew. Thank you!!!

Ludy Lopez