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Fermented with 75 percent medicinal ayurvedic herbs, organic vegetables, organic prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes. About 90% of probiotics are killed by stomach acid. Our patented beverage creates a friendly environment for only good bacteria to create binary fission in the gut and keep surviving.


Our products are crafted in a sterile environment. NO Metals Used in our Brewing or Fermentation Process. These can have a negative impact on the probiotics and can also release dangerous chemicals into the product.

Special Care

Biologist crafted for potency, safety, with an herbal infusion not found in other products. We truly understand how these products interact on a molecular level with your body and take special care to promote your wellness.


NO CO2 or Pasteurization prior to shipping. These processes kill ProBiotics. We leave your products Alive and Ready to serve! The moment you drink our products, they go to work for a difference you can feel from within!

A Little About This Chick is Raw…

This Chick Is Raw, Inc. started with a vision of simply bettering the health of a few family members and in time has expanded gradually throughout the South Florida area providing 100% Organic Raw Prepared Meals, Raw Fermented Beverages, and Food Products.
*** More than 75 percent of the bottle is made of fermented fruits, vegetables and herbs ***
It is now our pleasure to make these great products available to you!

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