Great question! The longer the brew, the lighter the color. The darker the brew, the fresher and unfinished the ferment. The longer you let the bottle sit out of the fridge the more potent and effective the detox. Carbonation is not a great way to determine if the quality of the brew is good. Carbonation is a sign of the bacteria still eating the sugar in the bottle, whether there is a lot of carbonation of a alittle is based on how much caffeine/sugar started in the bottle.

No, bottle returns are only in select locations. (some farmers markets, or local pick up)

This Chick is Raw, Inc. Does NOT claim to cure any diseases, we know this is a great alternative to 99% of what’s on the market and we promise to always have the highest quality health tonics. You will feel the difference from anything else that is on commercial shelves.

If you are new to Probiotic foods, or raw living products, then yes you will instantly go through some sort of detox, however if you are trying to change your gut health it is encouraged that you stick to a regimen daily, for a few weeks to really experience the maximum benefits this product has to offer. Whether, you suffer from a chronic illness, or you are looking for a preventative, this is a great elixir to add to your daily regimen.

Again, because this is not pasteurized right after production, we like to send our bottles out during the secondary stage of ferment. This helps keep bottles from exploding during shipment, it also will be ready to drink by the time it arrives to your doorstep. If we do use dry ice, it’s only because we already did the second ferment stage at the facility.

Although we strive to maintain consistency with every bottle we brew, it is a living drink and it cannot be compared to a beverage you buy in a standard supermarket that is pasteurized and processed. When there are living organisms present; unlike supermarkets, temperature, weather, and characteristics will vary. We also use different species and varieties of fruits and vegetables, due to it being organic and/or local.

Like us, bacteria does not die from sun exposure. The sun is healthy in moderation for bacteria. However, high levels of heat will kill a living culture. Oils and Kombucha are different whereas oils oxidize due to sun exposure and bacteria do not oxidize.

Our first ferment is 3 months and our second is 2 weeks.

Our Kombucha tea was tested at the Nova Southeastern University Microbiological Laboratory and annually tested at Kappa Labs where the DEA and CDC test for their samples. Kappa labs has been inspected and previously recognized by the U.S. food and drug administration and is an FDA accepted labratory for import testing. Kappa labs is currently a Contract laboratory for the U.S. centers for disease control (CDC), Atlanta, Georgia; vessel sanitation Program and is U.S. Dept of homeland security. U.S. Coast Guard Recognized Facility. We have extensively studied the bacteria content and benefits of each. We use pH meters to examine the brew and make sure it never goes over a level of 3.0 on the pH scale. The FDA has stated that anything under a pH of 4.6 is legally allowed to be sold on shelves, since clostridium Botulinum, salmonella, and E. Coli, Listeria, or Staphyloccocos Aureas cannot survive or grow in a pH that low.

If you are a beginner of fermented living foods, it is best to go slow with all these products. Our Kombucha tea is pretty powerful with just a few sips. 4 oz to 8 oz will suffice per day. Raw goat kefir is packed with protein and acids such as malic acid (a/k/a magic acid) which is only found is coconut and mother’s milk. This acid helps immunity tremendously. You only need 8 oz to 16 oz, once or twice per week. Raw coconut milk kefir is really amazing stuff! I recommended coconut kefir as a Probiotic replacement over any pill form supplement DAILY. Ours is the most potent form of probiotics.

Our organic Coconuts are cracked by hand and the meat is scooped one by one. Coconut water, probiotic, and coconut meat is used in our batches for our kefir.

I cannot speak for all the Kombucha Tea on the market, however, our Raw Kombucha has no shelf life when left in the fridge and undiluted. Coconut Kefir is good in the fridge 9 months after purchase. Raw goat kefir is most enjoyable no later than 3 months after purchase, however with fermentation it gets better with time due to acids that preserve the food

We use certified organic cane sugar. We also use organic cane juice. However, after the ferment is complete, the sugar is completely consumed and there is no sugar left.

Kombucha is an adaptogen, which means it adapts to your bodies environment. Kombucha could either help improve your sleep, or it can give you an abundance of energy. “It’s the best damn hangover cure I have ever found..” says Childs. “It has naturally detoxifying properties like gluconic acid that targets the liver.” Even better, he added, drink kombucha while you throw one back using a system Childs calls “reverse-toxmosis” and never have a hangover again.

“Kombucha Russian: chaynyy grib (чайный гриб), Chinese: chájūn (茶菌), Korean: chabeoseot (차버섯),” is a lightly effervescent fermented drink of sweetened black tea or green tea which is used as a functional food. It is produced by fermenting the tea using a symbiotic colony of beneficial bacteria and beneficial yeast, or “SCOBY”.

It has a mild amount of caffeine from the black and green tea in it but what really gives your body the energy boost is the detox feeling and lightness that your stomach feels. Its acids are packed with B vitamins and organic acids that your body needs from other sources because it doesn’t make these acids on its own. That is why kombucha and other fermented foods are so critical for digestion and energy

Kombucha has an acquired taste. Many people say it reminds them of an apple cider effervescence. However, our flavors are different with each bottle you try. Some are more carbonated then others, but each has a fruity, tart flavor, along with it’s natural carbonation that is created in the second fermentation process. Everything that is in our bottles of kombucha is 100% organic.

If you are new to kombucha and still feel uncertain about it, it is best to contact your health care provider, and we encourage you to do your own rigorous research of Kombuchas beneficial properties. Cultures from all over the world have understood that fermented foods are healthy despite current medical trends that foster fear of all bacteria. In the Western world, we have lost our connection to this cultural legacy. “Old traditions were discarded in order to fit in to the American way of life which preaches better living through chemistry. Sadly, oftentimes the side effects of modern medications are even worse than their natural counterparts. 97% of women who participated in a study conducted in rural Africa use fermented foods to protect their infants from bacterial contamination during the weaning process which can start as young as 4 months. Without the fear-mongering of for-profit Western medicine hanging over their heads, they have continued the traditional practices of their ancestors with success.” According to the FDA’s guidelines for compliance, foods with a pH of 4.6 and lower have been deemed safe for sale without needing further preservatives: “When the pH of a food is 4.6 or below, spores of C. botulinum will not germinate and grow.” This means that not only is your KT safe from invasion by harmful microbes, but so are you! This low pH environment also means that Kombucha seldom “goes bad” in the way that we normally think of food spoilage. As Sandor Katz has said, fermentation is one of nature’s methods of preservation. The low pH prevents organisms responsible for spoilage from surviving. The ferment remains active in both an anaerobic environment (without oxygen, i.e. in the bottle) and at colder temps (i.e. in the fridge), just at a much slower pace.

It is perfectly safe and is used today by 500 million people around the world. The fermentation process also produces heparin which is important to eyesight and the adaptogen property also balances processes that get out of order. Stabilization of glucose swings and drops in sugar levels is quite normal. Many people who are overweight, report slow and steady weight loss and the pounds stay off. Kombucha sometimes enhances the effectiveness of medications and it is important to keep your health provider informed so dosage can be adjusted accordingly. Dr. E. Arauner confirmed that Kombucha is the “most effective natural folk remedy for fatigue, nervous tension, incipient signs of old age, hardening of the arteries, sluggishness of the bowels, gout, rheumatism, hemorrhoids and diabetes.”

Important to scrub the skin with a good loofah daily because of toxins and dead skin cells are abundant during detoxing

Moreover, you must brush teeth thoroughly  because toxnlins and bacteria create a heavy coating on the tongue and in the mouth which can lead to tooth decay if mouth is not properly cleaned during this intense detox.
The leaks are from pressure build up of co2, the only way to stop that would be to pasteurize our product, unfortunately that is not an option, the only other alternative is to make sure your bottle you purchased 8s very chilled (almost frozen) before opening. this will neutralize the CO2.
However, more activity in the bottle such as carbon dioxide means more potency. And if there is no carbon dioxide that doesn’t mean there is no activity either. There is nothing wrong with the probiotics when it has more gas.
But again, because this is an unpasteurized probiotic elixir.  Unlike store bought products, there will be continued build up of co2 so please treat this with extreme care and never shake the bottle before opening.