I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years and feel extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with Brittny and the tonics she has dedicated her life to creating. The first week of consuming the kefir and jun tea, a friend commented on the softness of my skin. I thought it was a coincidence but as I have continued drinking it, other changes made me stop and take notice. I had a bacterial infection that was non responsive to 2 cycles of antibiotics that went away within the first 2 weeks. In order of observation. I noticed my nails stopped chipping, my mood lifted and a greater sense of sustained calm resided within me. My digestion became notably better. I also observed a heightened sense of mental clarity. To my surprise, my eyesight and hearing seemed to improve. Even my esthetician noticed a “40% improvement” in my skin.

I began to research why all of these changes were happening and everything I read and learned validated what I was experiencing externally and internally. The benefits continue to reveal themselves. Ultimately, I feel more “here” – more connected, aware, and vibrantly well.

These products and Brittny, who I no longer describe as a biologist, but a biologenius, garner my highest recommendation and utmost support. When health is no longer considered of secondary importance, I am certain everyone will recognize the brilliance of this product and force behind it.