I have been having beneficial and in some cases dramatic results from the Blueberry and Cinnamon tonics and your Kimchi. All of them seem to have been dramatically acting on the combination of perhaps bacterial, maybe candida, maybe parasites, maybe molds or fungal, communities that may still be existing in reduced form in my body after five months of treatments with John. Those treatments have been very effective, and I am worlds better and different than what I was from his colloidal gold, copper, and silver.

I am also feeling a lot better in a number of ways. I am feeling like many different systems and functions in my body are starting to function better. I have long felt and believed that we all in general, and my body in particular, can benefit from receiving a wide variety of nutrients and active strata within foods that have largely disappeared from most other food streams. In many cases, our ancestors used to have these foods as part of their daily lives. We need and can benefit from them too.