Refunds Policy


Here at This Chick is Raw, Inc. We strive to make the most potent probiotic elixers on the shelves. However, some customers end up with a big mess because they do not think it is important that they open ONLY WHEN VERY CHILLED, and open slowly without shaking.
The only way to prevent this, is to pastuerize our products like other kombucha products in stores. AKA, the artificial co2 method. We refuse to do this because we want the highest quality products.

We will not be responsible for you not following directions! And we will not issue refunds for this occurring. We can teach you the proper way of opening our elixers to prevent this from happening.

We do not offer refund or exchanges on leaked items. This product MAY leak during shipment but the product is still safe for consumption due to the antobacterial properties in the drinks.

We will only offer a refund or credit on the exact item that is broken or damaged.

The entire order will not be refunded if one or more items are damaged

Customer must call 18005076875 within 7 business days to get their item refunded or credited to their account.

Customer must order themselves online to get discount if discounts are being offered
We will not except discounts if representative is placing the order for the customer