Tumeric tonic, spirulina tonic, beet tonic, and honey mead are my daily morning cocktail ever since I found This Chic is Raw at the coconut grove farmers market a few months ago. I was already a healthy eating vegan, but once Brittny shared a sample along with a wealth of information about the benefits my friends and I had to try it for ourselves. I immediately felt the benefits. I had more energy & felt over all revitalized from the inside out. My girlfriend suffer from Lupus and has felt symptoms fade away as well as praises from her medical doctor. Other friends claim that after two weeks, needing less meds. I have lab to keep my daily supply on hand. Brittny is not only selling goodness in a bottle, she’s educating us along the way. I love knowing I will find the benefits in a bottle when I see her as well as an explanation of why it’s working. Our lives are forever different… thank you Brittny!!