Thank you so much, Brittany! I am honestly having one of the best weeks of my life thanks to your Kombucha. It’s amazing the way I feel it in my bloodstream after I drink it, and how much better my skin tone and eyes look. Your Kombucha is seriously life-changing. My friend Estebaliz told me that I’m going to save a lot lives selling this Kombucha. I just texted her about it today and she says, ‘wow, I haven’t been feeling well lately, went to the doctor and he doesn’t know why.’ I have never purchased anything better in my life – I could never regret buying this Kombucha. I honestly feel like I’ve been waiting to feel this good for so long, and I can only imagine my health will get better as time goes on, and as I continue drinking it everyday. Would you recommend having it on a daily basis? It makes sense that it helps me feel so much better because like you said – it’s an acid that helps clean the body, and the probiotics add good bacteria. I truly, truly, love your products and I’m so excited for this raw food movement. I’m so grateful to people like you who are really improving our potential for a better quality of life. I suffered from chronic MRSA there years ago, and I’m sure all the antibiotics took a toll on my health. I can’t wait to see my progress, including This Chick is Raw Kombucha (is that what I call it?) in my diet and can’t wait to see my improvement from eating a high raw diet in combination with the Kombucha. Although I’ve been eating healthy cooked food this week, and it’s still helping to energize me and just make me glow from the inside out. So I believe no matter what you eat, it’s still a great addition to anyone’s meal plan.