Probiotic Elixir Apple Cinnamon w/ Kombucha Tea

Probiotic Elixir Apple Cinnamon w/ Kombucha Tea

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Ingredients: Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, (not cassia) Organic Apples, Organic fermented local honey, over 100 organic proprietary blend of Chinese medicinal herbs.



Apple Cinnamon is a dessert hiding as an elixir . Rich apples with a real Indian pungent cinnamon perfect for detoxing the blood and liver .  Malic acid from apples to sooth against gall stones and calcium buldup .

Great in the day with high B and C vitamins and the  Liver peaking at noonin full meridian….”dessert” elixir ready to go to work. 

Directions:: 4 ounces per day, a half hour before or after meals 


Ingredients: Organic Ceylon Cinnamon,  Organic Apples, Organic fermented local honey, over 100 organic proprietary blend of Chinese medicinal herbs.

Benefits of Ceylon cinnamon.

According to a study appearing in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Ceylon cinnamon helps to boost HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol. This improves total cholesterol and can be instrumental in reducing the health risks associated with cholesterol.

A separate study appearing in Diabetes Care Journal reports that people with type 2 diabetes who consumed cinnamon for “40 days followed by a 20-day washout period” experienced a 7 to 27 percent reduction in LDL cholesterol and a 12 to 26 percent reduction in total cholesterol.

# 2. Boosts Memory and Protects the Brain

A report appearing in GreenMedinfo, explains that nutraceuticals derived from spices, such as cinnamon, turmeric, licorice, ginger, coriander, cloves, and red and black peppers, may be essential for supporting brain health. This can be essential in avoiding or reducing the symptoms of the effects of aging on the brain.

Another report found that chewing gum with cinnamon flavoring, or simply smelling the spice, may help to improve brain activity. A study in Florida concluded that cinnamon served to improve test scores of subjects in relation to attention, memory, and visual motor speed.

# 3. Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

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