Fermented Goji Berry Probiotic

Fermented Goji Berry Probiotic

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Ingredients: organic fermented goji berries, Kombucha extract, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. Formulated with a wide variety of probiotics such as Pediococcus, Lactococcus, and Streptococcus, to restore and maintain a healthy gut flora.

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Goji berry is one of the most powerful anti- microbe and parasite control fruits in the world . We combine the Goji with select herbs and minerals to provide a detox especially for antimicrobial and parasitic control. Goji are also a great multivitamin source .
Very gentle on the digestive system but toxic to pathogens .

CFU’s 50 billion per serving

Serving Size: 2 Tablespoons.

Servings Per container: 64 servings
Ingredients: organic fermented goji berries, Kombucha extract, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. Formulated with a wide variety of probiotics such as Pediococcus, Lactococcus, and Streptococcus, to restore and maintain a healthy gut flora.*

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Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in

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  1. jennaalbitawi

    First and foremost, I thank God that I was able to find ThisChickIsRaw because it was no walk in the park. I searched a few separate times for coconut kefir but none of the companies really stood out to me. It got to the point where I had memorized all of the different brand names because I kept getting the same search results nonstop. Feeling hopeless, I stayed consistent in my daily prayers, and with due time they were answered and I stumbled upon Brittny’s Etsy page. The Raw Living Coconut Kefir looked very promising, but the price point was steep, to say the least. Knowing I couldn’t afford it, my only other option was to see if TCR had any subscriptions on their official company website. So with a heavy heart, I checked it out, full of doubt…only to be proven wrong. They provided many subscription choices, I picked the only one I could afford, the 2-week subscription, and just like that my path to healing began.

    My Health Journey:

    After years of spending hundreds of thousands and thousands of dollars on the cleanest supplements sourced from all over the globe, with no fillers, and of the highest quality- nothing helped. I genuinely tried everything. I’ve listed just a few of the supplements below:
    Glutathione, Iron (derived from organic curry leaves), Selenium (from organic mustard seeds), Iodine (from Organic Ascophyllum Seaweed), Silica (from Organic Bamboo), Probiotics (High quality), Prebiotics, B-complex, Vitamin C (from Organic Acerola Cherry & Camu Camu), Vitamin D (Organic Lichen), Zinc (from Organic Guava leaves), Magnesium (from Organic Sea Lettuce), etc.

    My health journey started when I turned 19, during my sophomore year at University, in 2020. I just turned 22 this past August, 2023. All the supplements I’ve tried have only given my complexion a temporary look of “brighter skin”, which put me under the impression that I was on the path to finally getting better, when I was not. The Iron was helping a bit with my anemia, but most of the time it felt like it wasn’t even being absorbed because of how much inflammation was in my body. Chunks of my hair were still falling out, my energy was nonexistent, my gut wasn’t healing at all, the inflammation throughout my whole body wasn’t going down, I went from never smelling bad to suddenly having the worst body odor to the point that it was embarrassing to be around my own family, let alone friends, and regardless if I ate, or didn’t eat at all, the immense pain in my stomach was not going away. I’m not exaggerating when I say, I had food sensitivities to every. single. thing.
    I couldn’t eat anything without having to go on a couch or bed and lie on my stomach right away in hopes of easing the pain in my gut. The permanent dark circles under my eyes wouldn’t diminish regardless of whether I slept a full 8 hours or not. I had so much brain fog, that it felt impossible to do anything. That’s why, as hard as it is to type this out, I quite literally stayed home for 3 years straight. My social life, gone. My skin developed these flakey, psoriasis-like patches, if I kept itching, they would peel away some skin and turn painfully red. This happened on both my face and eyebrows. My eyebrows were so flakey it was horrifying. My scalp completely changed as well. I used to never have dandruff and could use any shampoo without a problem, and then all of a sudden my scalp kept itching nonstop and I hadn’t realized how bad it was until other people started commenting on the flakes in my hair. Gone were the days when I could grab any shampoo and everything would be fine, I had to face a new reality where anything I put on my scalp would cause me to flare up, and not only would the skin on my scalp start itching but my whole entire face, neck, and back would feel irritated. My body both internally and externally was starting to change for the worse and I had no idea why.

    All of my life I used to have clear filter-like skin with no pores or blackheads at all, that is until I turned 19 during my sophomore year at University. Of course, it is a fact that everyone has pores, but I guess mine were so small they looked nonexistent to the naked eye. People would say that my skin looked like a “real life filter” and would ask me what my skincare routine was or if I was following a certain diet, and I would always be a bit confused on how to respond because I had this skin my entire life.
    Now, three years later, I just turned 22 this past August and I’m still having the same problems I had at 19. I have these underskin bumps on my forehead, some dermatologists call them “fungal acne”, others “closed comedones”, or worst of all, “fungal/candida/mold exposure”. I fear that I may have the third option…how to completely get rid of the fungus, candida, and mold exposure for good is beyond me. I have no idea how I keep getting pimples on my forehead and have so many breakouts on my chin, apparently pimples in the chin area mean your hormones are imbalanced. My nose which used to be so clean, clear, and matte, now gets a few rare pimples and has black dots on it, I’m not entirely certain if they’re blackheads, sebaceous filaments, or a bit of both, but all I know is I can’t seem to get rid of them no matter how much I take care of my internal health with my diet. The area under the left side of my nose is always red, flakey, and irritated; I saw a face skin mapping video by Dr. Ben Johnson, owner of Osmosis Beauty, who said that this means a person has H.pylori. I recently contacted Dr. Ben through email, and he was kind enough to respond, stating that I may have H.pylori, candida, an imbalanced gut microbiome, and too much mucus plaques my gut lining.

    I’ve been on all types of restrictive diet protocols such as the FODMAP for IBS, the AIP diet for autoimmune conditions, the Keto diet for PCOS, Gluten-free, Lactose-free/Dairy-free, meat-free, vegetarian/vegan, etc.
    After much trial & error, I stuck to a dietary lifestyle that is completely clean of dairy, eggs, legumes, nuts, seeds, nightshade vegetables, fish (high in mercury), and all inflammatory foods. As I mentioned previously, I had food sensitivities to every. single. thing. I quite literally can only consume filtered water and grass. (Grass is a joke I like to use with my family to say I can only eat heaps of dry green vegetables.) My plate always looks bland. No salad dressing, only olive oil. Of course, I used to not be able to digest greens raw, I had to boil all of them at first, and then slowly but surely I was able to eat a few certain vegetables without the need to heat them. I have basically been living off of vegetables and pumpkin squash for the past 3 years, yet still, my skin has significant bad days & minimal good days…but even on my “good days” it’s not as good as it was before I turned 19, causing me to feel like a stranger in my own skin. I’ve tried numerous times to go the typical route of seeking help from medical professionals, but my experience has been nothing but a disappointment. I left every appointment with the doctors doing blood work to test for any abnormalities, but even after seeing I was anemic and looking at my long list of deficiencies, they seemed to just view me as a quick fix and I was told all of the time to take prescribed pills or supplements. They would NEVER attribute my deficiencies, bloated stomach, hair loss, dark circles, and clear exhaustion on my face to an underlying issue. By the end of each visit, I’d be leaving the doctor’s office to either pick up a new prescription or follow another recommendation of going on something like the FODMAP diet. Everything I was told to do either masked the symptoms for a couple of weeks or made me feel even worse than before. Nothing was actually healing me or at the very least, initiated the path to recovery. There was only one doctor who I felt listened a bit more than the others. He told me that he wanted me to go through a few tests to see if I could have an autoimmune condition, Celiac, Crohn’s, Hypo/hyperthyroidism, etc. I went through the entire testing procedure under the reassurance that I was finally going to get some answers…only for the lady at the front desk to come rushing in saying that my insurance was unable to cover these procedures. To keep it short, the way I viewed medicine and healing began to change when I went to seek help from yet another doctor about the new painfully itchy flakey, psoriasis-like patches that were developing on my face. She prescribed me a steroid cream, which I had already heard so many horror stories about beforehand from people online who had similar symptoms to my own. It was clear that this cream wouldn’t do anything to heal the source of the problem inside my body and that it was only meant as a band-aid for what was supposedly psoriasis/eczema unfolding on my skin, additionally, it had so many side effects I knew for a fact it couldn’t be good for me. Thankfully, this was the final straw that made me come to a rude awakening, after months of research and educating myself, I quickly realized that anything the pharmaceutical industry gave me was likely going to align with their own best interest rather than prioritizing my well-being. In the end, I had already tried the holistic approach of healing my body for the past 3 years with supplements, teas/herbs, and diets. I was missing something, but I didn’t know what.

    That is, until, ThisChickIsRaw.

    Don’t walk. Run.

    Brittny, the founder of TCR, has quite literally, changed my life. To those who feel like they’ve tried everything under the sun, spent so much time and energy on doctor visits, spoken to nutritionists, and spent an unbelievably tremendous amount of money on supplements & “health coaches” who promised the world, but gave you NO results except for a huge deduction of money in your bank account with a dreadful headache; please give ThisChickIsRaw a try. Just to clarify, I definitely can’t promise anything, because we are all different, what works for me, may not work for you. But what I can do is tell you about my personal experience with the miraculous products I’ve tried so far, hopefully giving some insight into why you should try this one-of-a-kind company for yourself.

    I found out about TCR when I was looking for coconut kefir online. I remember that day, I was thinking about my life before I turned 19, and how I used to eat kefir, yogurt, and all types of fermented food to my heart’s content without having to worry about any consequences. Sadly, I can’t eat dairy anymore, so that caused me to go through a rabbit hole of looking for a plant-based alternative. I came across coconut kefir and found a few people that sell it. All the companies I found were amazing, but none of them really stood out to me. What made Brittny’s products unique from the rest was while the other sellers I had found were using plastic packaging, she used glass packaging. It was relieving to see she was using glass because plastic is a big no for me, I didn’t want to add anything into my lifestyle that had the potential to make my hormones any more imbalanced. Secondly, Brittny is both a certified biologist and an expert in raw nutrition, she is very educated on what she makes and everything I’ve received so far has been made with so much potency, medicinal healing, and tons of love, that it shows in every single one of her products. Lastly, her precision in quality ingredients is out of this world. Brittny makes the products from scratch all organic and she grows the bacteria herself! The ingredients are from 2000-year-old soil in Morocco that has never seen or touched a pesticide, and she gets all of the herbs and spices from rich soils in other countries. Brittny goes above and beyond, sourcing her ingredients from outside the U.S. in the highest quality possible. I couldn’t find anyone who went as far as she did with her products. After a couple of months of going back and forth, I was a bit hesitant to purchase because I had tried EVERYTHING before, all the money that went down the drain for 3 years straight on things that never worked…my family and I couldn’t handle another loss, both financially and mentally. TCR is quite expensive, so I knew that if I lost such a huge amount of money for the billionth time on something that didn’t work again, I would give up. With that thought alone, knowing that this was my final chance, I made my first purchase.

    Fermented Gogi Berry Review:

    My first order was on October 28, 2022, it is now November 23, 2023, since then for the past year I’ve tried four products from Brittny. The Raw Living Coconut Kefir, Kombucha, Colloidal Gold Cream, and the Fermented Goji Berry Probiotic. I have a rule, where I have to try a product at least 3 times to leave a proper and fair review. I’ve purchased the Fermented Goji Berry Probiotic three times, that alone should show you how amazing it is! Just like everything Brittny formulates, these goji berries are of exceptional quality. Every Gogi Berry currently being sold at your local food store is the unauthentic Chinese Wolfberry variation, not the original Tibetan Lycium goji. I have searched high and low at stores, from Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Costco but it’s all been a disappointment. The Chinese Wolfberry currently being sold in the U.S. as “Gogi Berries” is not the real superfood, the Tibetan Lycium berry on the other hand is the real deal. If you’ve always thought Goji berries are tough and not very sweet, that’s because you were eating the Wolfberry sold as Goji. Once you try the real goji berry superfood, which is the Tibetan Lycium, you’ll notice a big difference. Not just in taste, but the way they make you feel. Also known as “The Himalayan Happiness Berry,” these goji berries embody the true essence of the original Tibetan Lycium goji. They are staples in Tibet, the Himalayas, Bhutan, and Mongolia, you can’t find the same quality ever in the West. That’s why I’m so surprised, yet thrilled that Brittny was able to source them! The Fermented Gogi Berry sold by TCR has helped me so much and for the first time in 3 years, I’m finally one step closer to having my life back. It helped quite a bit in balancing my hormones, but most importantly, it completely eliminated any body odor which is embarrassing to admit, was a huge problem for me. In the past, no matter what, whether it was a workout or just me going about my day, I used to never have any B.O. Then all of a sudden when I hit 19, I started having problems with my gut microbiome, and all of the things that I mentioned earlier in the second paragraph, like chunks of hair falling out and the food sensitivities, started to happen. Through so many failed attempts at trying to get rid of my body odor internally, from diet, to chlorophyll drops, to juiced organic parsley, to peppermint leaf tea. Huge waste of money, none of that worked. These methods may have “reduced” the B.O. a bit but none of them eliminated it. The Fermented Gogi Berry completely changed my life for the better. Not only has it completely eliminated my B.O. but when that time of the month comes around, all the cramps and pain are gone. It’s literally like how it was when I was a teenager. It makes me emotional just thinking about it because it feels like I haven’t had this much hope and improvement in my body in decades, even though in reality it’s been three years. After doing some experimenting with the dosage, I realized that if I take 2 tbs first thing in the morning it makes my B.O go away, however, if I take 4 tbs not only does my B.O go away, but I stop sweating as much and that time of the month is a breeze. I love the results of taking 4 tbs, but that would mean I would need two jars of the Gogi Berry, making my total $112.87 to last me the month. Knowing TCR is a sincere and quality company that 100% works, and having the honor of experiencing for myself how extraordinary they are, my dream is to be able to afford them one day, but for now, I’m going to keep trying to make one jar last me the month, lol. From the bottom of my heart, I genuinely can’t thank your company’s CEO enough for inventing such a masterpiece. I hope TCR will continue to grow worldwide and thrive in everything they set out to do.

    Raw Living Coconut Kefir Review (Order #1 & #2):

    Brittny formulates all her kefir with raw hand-broken coconuts, it’s always fermented in glass and with no artificial CO2, which is known for destroying probiotics. You honestly can’t find anything with this purity and potency on the market. After trying the Raw Living Coconut Kefir three times, all I can say is WOW. From my first use of purchasing the kefir, my gut actually started to show signs of healing. I could eat a few of the foods that I couldn’t eat before with the consequences not being as severe. My eyebrows weren’t as flakey, no skin flare-ups, less pain in my body, not having to go on a couch or bed and lie on my stomach right away in hopes of easing the pain as much as I used to, and a reduction in brain fog. However, I have to warn you there are a lot of “die-off” symptoms, at least that’s what I experienced, so you may feel worse before you get better. In the beginning, I thought it wasn’t working because I wasn’t feeling so good, I wanted to stop taking it…but it was way too expensive to just stop like that lol. I’m glad I stuck through in the end because the results were worth it. And my hair…oh my gosh, it actually started growing a little bit. I know I’ve already mentioned numerous times how horrible my B.O. was, but trust me when I say the embarrassment of my hair loss takes the cake. My hair hasn’t grown in years, and I’ve gone through so much hair loss that my scalp shows. Even when I Facetime a friend or try to take a picture it’s clearly seen, and everyone has commented on it, not directly of course, but in their own ways. Over the years, this made me feel even more self-conscious to leave the house and any attempts at socializing were thrown out the window. But now the Coconut Kefir has shown signs of hair growth when nothing else in the past ever had! Baby hairs are coming in, and it’s gotten noticeably longer…I honestly can’t believe it. Yes, my scalp still shows, as of right now not much has happened in that area, but the fact that I got such amazing results in such a short period of time is incredible! For anyone wondering, I saw results after ordering 2 gallons of the coconut kefir. My first order was on October 2022, I had purchased 1 gallon to try it out and I followed the dosage recommended on the label. I didn’t purchase my second gallon until I could afford it, which was on December 2022. Going through the not-so-enjoyable “die-off” symptoms was quite the experience, I had a fever, felt dizzy at times, my brain fog intensified, I was drowsy on & off, and my anxiousness heightened a bit, etc. As unpleasant as that was, it was clear that this product had caused some type of reaction when nothing in the past ever had! Just to clarify, I am still in the process of healing, I may not be there yet, but this is the first time in many years of searching that I have gotten some type of positive results that have left me hopeful. On top of that I’ve gotten these results only from 2 orders, imagine what can happen with consistent use? Thank you so much, Brittny!

    Raw Living Coconut Kefir (Order #3):

    I mentioned above the results I got from my first and second orders of the Coconut Kefir but wanted to leave a separate section for the third order because I decided to experiment and take a different dosage, because of this, my results were different. For my third order, instead of ordering 1 gallon like I usually do, I ordered 5 gallons. I did this because I felt like the amount of probiotics I was consuming was too low for me, and wanted to try consuming a different amount daily. Usually even with the discounted 2-week subscription, purchasing 5 gallons is unaffordable, but the Black Friday deal they had going on saved the day. My package arrived with 20 jars inside, each 32oz jar containing 20+ probiotic strains and 50 Billion CFUs per serving. There are 8 servings per jar, so that means a single jar contains a total of 400 Billion CFUs. I planned to take an entire jar a day for 20 days straight. At the moment it’s been two weeks of me consistently following this plan, I’ve successfully consumed 14 jars total and have 6 more to go in the fridge. I don’t know where to begin…the results I’ve seen are astronomical! My bloating is almost gone, I feel lighter, uplifted, happier, and my skin is finally healing after so long! My blemishes are fading away and my skin just looks more radiant than ever before. When I thought it couldn’t possibly get better than this, I was proven wrong and something extraordinary happened- I got my face shape back! Lol, it sounds a bit funny wording it like that, let me explain. In the past, I always had a slightly defined/angled face shape with a prominent jawline and slightly lifted cheekbones. When all the problems began after I turned 19, the inflammation that could originally only be seen on my body started to show on my face. I got what is known as “moon face”, I was always puffy, round, and inflamed, and when I would smile it looked like I was wincing, my face shape completely vanished. This has been my “new normal” for the past 3 years, but now after drinking a jar of coconut kefir for 14 days straight, I’m getting my face shape back! My cheekbones and jawline are showing once again, and everything from my forehead down to my chin is looking more angled, defined, and prominent like when I was younger! As for my hair, the Coconut Kefir has not only made my hair grow like crazy, but the texture of my hair has changed significantly! My hair has always been frizzy, but the frizz has calmed down and the hair follicles themselves look so smooth and dare I say, healthy?! My mom won’t stop commenting on it! Instead of avoiding the mirror like I usually do, I look in awe and amazement at how different my hair health and length have become in only 14 days. This makes me so excited for the future! Imagine what an entire month can do? I think I can confidently say that this experiment is a success. My scalp still shows, but I’m only sharing the results of purchasing coconut kefir 3 times, change is actually happening when it never had before. Hopefully, with consistent use, I can come back and leave a final update!

    I just want to clarify, as much as I love the results, do NOT do this experiment the way I did. Please ask a doctor, naturopath, or Brittny herself before considering changing the dosage written on the label. The reason why I was so confident in doing this is because, as I mentioned previously, before 2020 I used to eat kefir, yogurt, and all types of fermented food to my heart’s content without having to worry about any consequences. I used to consume so many probiotics daily, and my hair and skin were healthy, clear, and luminous. So when I tried the Coconut Kefir for the first time and my body was able to absorb the probiotics without having the inflammatory reaction that I would normally get with dairy, I felt like I was craving a way higher dosage. I hope this helps in aiding someone else out there to put an end to their own search toward healing, the way I would’ve liked for myself. It’s clear what Brittny has created here can’t be described as anything but finding a needle in a haystack; a hidden gem that no one has noticed because of all the big corporations out there, promising everything under the sun, only to leave you dry and not deliver. TCR obtains a standard that is extremely rare to be found elsewhere, I am truly blessed to have run into her shop on Etsy, Briana deserves the world for what she has created here, and I can’t wait to see how her company continues to grow and flourish opening doors for more people from all over the world to share their own stories.

    Customer Service:

    THIR is classified as a small company, but it operates even better than big corporations. Just like how they go above and beyond with their products, they do the same with their customer service. After talking back and forth with them for over a year, I can say with full confidence that the customer service is next level. They always get back to me with the best responses, whether it’s about an order I made, questions about a product they sell, or a specific ingredient I would like to know more about, any questions I have about their process and sourcing, even things that some people may see as “silly”, like overthinking that my diet is getting in the way of reaping the full benefits of there products. They have always gotten back to me without fail, and not only that but in detail, their responses are always full of attention to the little things making me feel like I’m talking to an actual human being, one that genuinely cares. I’ve always known about probiotics, but this past year I’ve learned so much about real raw probiotics, how nutritious and unbelievably beneficial they are…and how explosive they can be. Lol, yes you read that correctly they can be explosive. The problem with probiotics is they can be explosive when they are raw and real, that’s why most people powder them. Please do not buy the powdered version, they quite literally do nothing. That being said, since Brittny’s magical probiotic elixirs, kefirs, and kombucha are actually real, they have the potential to explode, that’s why they should be refrigerated immediately upon arrival. From what I’ve learned from speaking with customer service, small leaks are normal for all fermented products. TCR has disclaimers all over their website about their products containing live bacteria, because it is a living bacteria it is the nature of these products to ferment causing them to potentially leak. If you find that your package has arrived and there is leakage on the jars all you have to do is clean them and place them in the fridge. However, on the off chance that your package makes it to your doorstep and you find that any of the jars have exploded, TCR’s customer service is there to save the day. For example, when I was in this position and my Fermented Gogi Berry had exploded two times in a row, I contacted them immediately, both times, with pictures, showing them how it arrived, and every single time they responded in the most reassuring manner, with: “Thank you we will resend and make sure to add even more packaging”, or “We will replace..”, or “We will definitely compensate..”, etc. When dealing with big companies they respond the same way, but smaller companies, from my experience, this quality & care in products, packaging, nationwide/international shipping, and customer service is hard to come by. Honestly, I have no words to describe how amazing TCR is, and I feel like I can write for ages but can’t find the proper way to explain my gratitude. I truly hope TCHIR continues to expand and grow, thank you sincerely Brittny for sharing your one-of-a-kind healing formulations with the world.

    ~End of Review~

    Below are a few things that I would personally love to see ThisChickIsRaw carry in the future.
    1.) Raw Coconut Kefir Shots
    2.) Irish Seamoss
    3.) Shipping/ Deals/ Discounts

    This is an add-on to my review;

    1.) Raw Coconut Kefir Shots

    After ordering the Coconut Kefir three times, I realized that there were 2 cons that I consistently experienced with each order- weight gain and the amount of probiotics per jar. I experienced the drawback of weight gain during all 3 orders, regardless of whether I followed the dosage recommended on the label or did my little “experiment” of taking an entire jar of coconut kefir a day. However, the weight gain was clearly significantly worse when I drank the whole jar. Each 32oz jar contains 20+ strains and a total of 400 Billion CFUs. Unfortunately drinking this amount had a drawback, I gained weight to the point that I couldn’t fit into anything anymore…my jeans look more like tights now. I don’t know exactly what the reason is, but even when I used to eat coconut yogurt from the supermarket, which most likely had no real live probiotics in it, I still tended to gain a bit of weight. That’s why I concluded that it has nothing to do with the probiotic strains themselves, but the amount of coconut I’m consuming. So I decided for 6 days to take a break from drinking the Coconut Kefir, and I finally started losing weight again. This led me to start looking for a more concentrated version of coconut kefir in smaller doses, but even if I found any I knew it wouldn’t compare at all to the quality and care Brittny brings forth in her products. I was wondering if Brittny could potentially come out with more concentrated versions of her coconut kefir? Such as kefir shots? There are two Organic Coconut kefir companies I did a bit of research on that are currently formulating their kefirs with over 100 Trillion CFUs per jar/bottle. The first company is called “Kefirkultures” and the other is known as “Kefirlab”. Kefirkultures sells a 4-pack of 21oz glass jars, each jar containing a total of 926 Trillion CFUs. The second company, Kefirlab produces two coconut kefir products. The first one is a large size, it’s a 12oz bottle containing 17 different strains and 100 Trillion CFUs. While the second one is labeled as a “probiotic shot” that is in a small 2.5oz bottle containing 45 probiotic strains and 100 Trillion CFUs. The problem with the Kefirkultures company is that they are based in Canada and don’t ship anywhere else at the moment. On the other hand, Kefirlab is based in the United States and ships nationwide. The founder of Kefirlab, Erika Gilmandinova, stated in a recent interview that they receive tons of testimonials and emails on how people are able to help their kids with autism disorders, they are able to cure cases of IBS, IBD, and different sorts of autoimmune diseases, bloating, diarrhea, food poising, etc. The way they source their probiotics is pretty incredible, but I don’t want to go into too much detail about a kefir brand I’ve never tried before, if anyone would like to check the interview out for themselves it can be found at Okraw’s YouTube channel. Even though the way they source their probiotics impressed me a bit, I’m not certain if Kefirlab uses CO2 in their products or not, I think it would be best to email them to find out. Additionally, their website said that the packaging is BPA-free Free so that means that it’s in a plastic bottle. Even if it’s labeled “BPA Free” plastic can contribute to messing up your hormones and can harm the body causing inflammation alongside other potential diseases which is a big no for me. This goes to show that TCR goes above and beyond the standard, that’s why I know if the founder, Brittny ever decided to make her own concentrated kefir shots with over 100 Trillion CFUs, or even better, 926 Trillion CFUs like the one Kefirkultures provides, it would undoubtedly blow the rest of the products on the market out of the water! This leads me to the second con I experienced when taking the Raw Coconut Kefir, everyone is different, but for me personally, the amount of probiotics per jar wasn’t high enough. 400 Billion CFUs per jar is an unbelievably amazing amount for most groups of people, but for certain individuals with more severe health problems, it would be nice to see a higher dosage option. It would be life-changing to be able to reap the full healing benefits of probiotics without having to drink a large 32oz jar every day and gain excessive weight. A shot is classified as 1 serving, it can be anywhere from 2.5oz to 4oz, but there is no official standard size for a shot, it can also go up to 8oz to 12oz to 16oz max, as long as it’s a single serving. I felt that for more severe cases or medical conditions, it would help exponentially if there was a more advanced version of the Coconut Kefir. This could be in the form of Coconut kefir shots like I mentioned previously, or it could also be done using the same large 32oz jar TCHIR already provided but instead of 400 Billion CFUs per jar, it could be 100+ Trillion CFUs or even 900+ Trillion CFUs per jar. If the Coconut Kefir shots were ever to be made, maybe they could be targeted toward the audience of people with more severe cases such as autoimmune disease, candida, parasites, H.Pylori, etc.? If a customer is not used to fermented products, they can choose to take the original coconut kefir with 400 Billion CFUs per jar or have the option to slowly work their way up towards the more potent kefir. It could also be targeted towards an audience who are used to eating fermented foods and want to consume a higher dosage that is rare to find in plant-based form elsewhere on the market. Additionally, if more probiotic strains were added that would be incredible! Instead of the current 20+ strains, there could be maybe around 45+ potent strains? Years ago I learned that the more diversity there is in the gut the better it is for your microbiome and longevity in the long run. But Brittny is the professional and is much more educated on this topic, if 20+ strains are the better option then I’d trust her to take that amount on a daily basis. If TCR were to ever sell a more potent version of the coconut kefir aimed at those with more severe cases, it would be life-changing for many people, and I know I would be the first in line to purchase and tell others in my community, hopefully spreading the word to help put an end to those on the search to regain their health.

    2.) Irish Seamoss

    It is extremely difficult to find REAL Irish Seamoss on the market. In the beginning, I thought that sea moss didn’t work, and it wasn’t the “superfood” people claimed it to be. A whopping 95% of the sea moss on the market is either farmed, pool-grown, or grown in shallow water in the Caribbean. When sea moss wasn’t a “trend” and only a few select people knew about it, it was easy to purchase the real authentic version. But once celebrities started talking about it, all the hype around sea moss made it hard for customers to know which ones were real and which were fake. I’ve seen people on TikTok who used to take it daily but do not recommend consuming it anymore because the brands they used to love and trust are now using fake variations while advertising & selling it as “Real Irish Sea moss” so they can make more profit. How do you know you’re eating fake sea moss? You can know in numerous ways, one being the taste and how it looks, but personally, the way I can tell is when I get no results at all and it tastes like sewer water. FYI, most sea moss tastes like sewer water. I almost gave up completely on adding it to my healing journey, but thankfully with patience, I finally found not one, but two sea moss brands that are REAL and truly authentic. The first one is from a small company called “The Green Giant Shop” based in the U.S., and the second is from another small company called “The Electric Tribe” based in London. At the moment, I only order from TGGS. The owner, Jimmy, sustainably sources his sea moss from Grenda harvested off the rocks at the bottom of the ocean in its natural state. Unfortunately, this isn’t the Irish Sea Moss sourced from the waters in Ireland that I was originally looking for, but it’s the best and most authentically sourced I could find in America. Originally, the reason, why I decided to try his out, is because he is the only person I could find who soaks his sea moss in Organic Key Lime, every other brand that I came across only used regular key lime. The amount of Organic Key lime he uses completely removes the feeling of “sewer water” in your mouth, and instead gives the most refreshing taste that makes you automatically feel more nourished and alert. Taking TGGS sea moss every morning aided me in losing a significant amount of weight that I couldn’t get rid of no matter how healthy I ate due to gut, hormonal, nutrient deficiency problems, etc. It gives my skin this luminous glow and helps with breakouts, you can even put it on your skin like a face mask, when you use REAL sea moss the possibilities are endless and the results speak for themselves. The sea moss species TGGS uses is known as “Glacilaria”. For those who don’t know what Sea moss is, it is an alkaline superfood. There are over a hundred different species of Sea moss but the two main species that humans consume are “Gracilaria” and “Chondorus Crispus”. Chondrus Crispus gives your body all 92 out of 102 minerals that the human body needs. While Gracilaria is for detoxification, for example, if you have a diet that’s high in dairy or you’re a smoker, Glacilaria should be used first to expel all the extra toxins and mucus from out of your body. Once all of that is cleansed out, then it is best to follow it up with the Chondrus Crispus to give your body all of the essential minerals that your body needs, such as copper, zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, etc.
    Chondrus Crispus is a powerhouse. It contains a majority of the minerals that the human body is composed of, to put it simply, it is nature’s multivitamin. I would love to mention the rest of the numerous benefits Chondorus Crispus contains, but then there wouldn’t be an end to this review, lol. For anyone curious, the health benefits can be found on the Electric Tribe website, YouTube, or through studies online. I looked everywhere, but couldn’t seem to find anyone in the U.S. who sold any REAL chondrus crispus species sourced from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland. So I decided to look outside the U.S., at the beginning I went through the same struggle of finding fakes, but it was all worth it in the end when I found the “Electric Tribe”.This small company based in London is one that I wish I could purchase from every month. The Electric Tribe ships worldwide and uses only the purest, organic, wildcrafted, chondrus crispus sea moss hand-harvested by 5th-generation seaweed harvesters. All of their sea moss is dried naturally in the sun, just as the way nature intended, and sourced from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland! The seller, Jason Adetola, documents his health journey and lifestyle on Instagram. The problem though is that he sells the sea moss raw in packets, so customers have to make it into a gel for themselves. He shows the entire process of making it into a gel on his Instagram, and he also adds Organic Key Limes to his formulation, however, for someone who is on a healing journey and is already struggling to leave the house as it is, it is close to impossible to spend long periods in the kitchen. Also, if sea moss is prepared wrong, you can kill the nutrients the gel provides. That’s why I personally like to get my sea moss gel ready in the mail and take comfort in knowing it was made by an expert who is educated about this topic and knows how to prepare it properly so customers get the most nutritional benefits. In the future, if they ever sell the gel version of Irish sea moss soaked in organic key limes, I will definitely give it a try.

    For the past year, my supplement routine has been solely from taking Brittny’s products. My morning routine consists of the Fermented Gogi Berry Probiotic, occasionally the coconut kefir when I can afford it, and TGGS Seamoss. As you can see the ONLY supplement not from ThisChickIsRaw is the Seamoss. I would love to order all of my supplements from one trusted source, and I feel like ThisCickIsRaw is the most trusted place to do that. I was wondering if Brittny could someday think about making her own Irish Sea Moss Gel? She already goes above and beyond in sourcing her ingredients from outside the United States. Just like the “coconut kefir shots” idea, if she were to make an Irish sea moss gel, it would undoubtedly be the best on the market. Almost all sea moss gels are made up of the same 3 ingredients: Alkaline/Reverse-osmosis water, key limes, and sea moss. I imagined if Brittny ever sold them in her shop the formula would look something like this: Zamzam Water, Organic Key Limes, and high quality/ real Irish Sea moss sourced from the coast of Ireland. Zamzam water is really hard to source from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, but it’s the purest and most beneficial water in the world. If Zamzam water didn’t make it to the ingredients list, I would assume Hunza water would be the second-best option since TCR already sells it. But regardless of how the final product would look, I know the ingredients would be the best because anything Brittny formulates is medicinal and potent, aiding in healing your body from the inside out.
    I wrote in-depth about the two brands above just in case TCR doesn’t plan to sell sea moss in the future, and for anyone on the search for the real deal like I was, I hope I helped make the journey a bit easier for you.

    3.) Fermented Vegetables

    Fermented vegetables are known as probiotic-rich foods that aid in gut health, immune system support, and longevity, creating the foundation of good health in every individual’s body. Unsurprisingly, just like everything on the market, fermented vegetables are usually produced in mass bulk, under horrible environmental conditions, in plastic packaging, and have no real-live probiotics in them. This includes the luxuriously glass-packaged sauerkraut jars that sit on refrigerated shelves in the grocery aisle- this is only the end product, don’t be fooled by marketing tactics made for consumers to think they are getting a real potent probiotic-rich food. The likelihood that the cabbage made to produce the sauerkraut was fermented in glass, in an anaerobic environment with live probiotics is impossible to come across. In addition to this, the fermented vegetables available in stores always have unnecessarily added ingredients involved in the formulation. This realization is what led my mom and I to start making our own homemade batches. To be honest, I thought I would see an immediate difference compared to the ones purchased at the grocery store, but I ended up only seeing a minor improvement in better digestion. After a little more research, I realized where I went wrong in fermenting at home and experienced better results after making two changes.
    The first change was instead of fermenting in a mason jar or any regular jar, I started using a product known as “The Probiotic Jar”. I stumbled upon the information provided on their website and learned more about how our ancestors used to ferment. My issue wasn’t that I was fermenting incorrectly, but it was because I was fermenting in the wrong environment. To my knowledge, the key to fermenting to aid in a person’s health is to make a fermented food that is rich and potent in trillions of real-live active probiotics, and the only way to do that is in an anaerobic environment, which “The Probiotic Jar” provides.
    The second change I made was adding organic ginger to my sauerkraut. I would let the cabbage and ginger ferment for a minimum of 2 weeks or more, and not only did I see better digestion but the inflammation around my stomach and abdomen decreased.

    At the moment TCHIR sells a product called “Organic Cultured Veggies”, the ingredients consist of organic beets, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, turnips, and an organic probiotic blend. I’m not certain if this is intended to be sold as a fermented food because there isn’t any type of high-quality salt in the ingredients list…but I think this is the closest thing to “fermented vegetables” that Brittny sells. There is nothing like TCHIR on the market, so I know if they started selling fermented vegetables- just like everything Brittny makes- it would be the best of the best. Possibly even better than the kimchi found in Korea and the sauerkraut in both China and Germany. Of course, don’t take my word for it, these products don’t currently exist so I don’t know this for sure; but I just have so much faith in this company based on the amazing results I got in such a short amount of time, that I feel like anything they make would go above and beyond the norms. It would be surreal to see a day when TCHIR could sell their own potent healing version of kimchi, sauerkraut, beets, carrots (or ginger carrots), fermented pickles (or dill pickles), fermented ginger, fermented turmeric, etc. A great thing about these foods is that any other probiotic strains and health benefits we aren’t getting from the other healing probiotic foods Brittny sells, we can find in these new fermented foods. What I mean by that is, for example, Kimchi is a functional food for Alzheimer’s because of the huge amount of Glutathione it produces in the brain. While Sauerkraut is vitally known for being very high in Vitamin C. Yes, it also has vitamin K1, folate, manganese, and copper, but it mainly makes a large amount of Vitamin C than anything else. In addition to this, kimchi, sauerkraut, fermented carrots, etc, all share a few similar probiotic strains but they also contain their own unique strains that the other food does not have. This way, instead of continuously getting the same probiotic strains found in the Coconut Kefir, kombucha, and Fermented Gogi Berries, these fermented foods would add variety and produce a more diverse gut microbiome with the new unique probiotic strains found in each food. You’ll know after trying TCR’s products for yourself, that it would take a big load off knowing that these healing foods are coming from trusted sources and are being made by someone as ingenious as Brittny who can nail the sourcing, formula, potency, and fermentation process in a way that can’t be found elsewhere.

    Fermented Turmeric:
    I noticed that I had written a little too much about fermented turmeric, so I decided to leave this separate segment for anyone who would like to read it. Throughout my teens all the way to the ripe age of 22 (lol) the pain and inflammation in my joints have been getting increasingly worse, to attempt putting an end to this, something that I always attempted to take was organic curcumin tablets derived from turmeric. None of them worked. If TCR could make their own potent fermented turmeric to replace curcumin tablets, that would be a game changer for many people, including the elderly, youth, and every age group in between. The fermented gogi berry they sell has already helped my hormones and body tremendously, I could only imagine the remarkable results from incorporating fermented turmeric, instead of relying on curcumin pills. Additionally, I noticed that Brittny has a kombucha for turmeric, spirulina, and goji berry, while also providing an option to reap the full benefits of each superfood by purchasing the raw spirulina and goji berry on their own; however, the turmeric has yet to have its own product. In all transparency, I got this idea from the Probiotic Jar website, the founder, Karen Ross, had a similar experience to my own, she tried all the high-quality curcumin capsules with no noticeable results. The fermented turmeric completely changed that.
    To anyone who may be curious and would like to know more, I’ve provided two links below; the first link goes in-depth about Karen’s experience with fermented turmeric, and the second is about her health journey.

    Link 1: http://www.probioticjar.com/recipes/turmeric-root-fermented
    Link 2: https://store.probioticjar.com/aboutus.asp

    4.) Shipping/ Deals/ Discounts

    To begin with, I would have never initially purchased from TCR if they didn’t have the option to ship internationally. The reason being, that I don’t want anything tying me down to the U.S. to stay in good health… not being able to leave the country for a supplement because of health reasons feels like a punishment for life. When you look for supplements in pill form, it’s fine if they don’t ship internationally because you can always buy them in bulk and place them in your suitcase to bring along for the ride. But if it’s liquid or a concentrated food-based elixir in a glass jar, you can’t exactly put that in your suitcase, the only appropriate method is to have it shipped to wherever you are headed. Every 3-4 years my family travels outside the U.S. to go visit our grandparents and relatives. We usually stay for the summer, or depending on the circumstances, a year maximum, and then come back to the United States. Being already two months into 2024, I’ll be heading towards almost 3 years and a half of staying home for days and days on end trying to heal. My mom refuses to travel without me since all of our most fondest memories have been of us traveling together. I don’t want to deprive my mom of seeing her parents but I genuinely have no idea what else to tell her because as the years went by nothing was getting better, and most importantly, I want the last memory that my grandparents and relatives had of me to be a good one, I didn’t want them to see this new, unhealthy version of myself. At least that was how I used to think, but now thanks to TCHIR I actually have hope that I can give my mom good news and tell her that I can go with her this upcoming summer! As much as all of the products I have tried so far from TCR have worked and have changed my life for the better, they are impossible to afford on a regular basis. That being said, I would never want the prices to get lower, because that would mean cheaper material, ingredients, and sourcing is being used. I know I’ve already mentioned this numerous times, but what sets TCR apart from the rest on the market is the exceptionally high quality of all of their products. You can feel the love, energy, time, and effort put into every one of Brittny’s supplements, I hope this never changes.

    This leads me to the situation of shipping/ deals/ discounts. If you look at the official TCR website, they currently have two deals always available for customers year-round. Anyone living in Florida who does local pickup gets 10% off, while the second deal is for customers nationwide, all orders $300 or more get free shipping. These deals help, however, I was hoping there could be different discounts depending on the order being made, both nationwide and internationally. Discounts such as free shipping, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30% off depending on how big the order may be. Of course, the nationwide and international deals would differ since one is more expensive to ship than the other. For example, the only way a customer could get access to free shipping in the United States is with an order of $300+, while for an International order, it would be $650+. On the other hand, looking at discounts, an example for a customer to get 25% off in the United States is with an order total of $600+, while to get the same deal for an international order it would be $1,200+. Of course, these are just random estimates I made up from the top of my head, the owner of the company, Brittny, knows best what would financially work. When purchasing from companies online you can find on their website a page dedicated to deals, usually, the page is labeled “Save”, “Deals”, “Coupons/ Promotions”, “Rewards”, “Bundle & Save”, or “Discounts”. It would be nice if this page was also readily available on TCR’s website, one part for nationwide and the other for international. This would help customers significantly, both those living in the U.S. and those abroad.


    As you can probably tell by now, I’m a huge fan of ThisChickIsRaw. I love to read and write, my mom is always trying to tell me to do something with my writing so I knew if I ever found something that truly improved my health, I would try my best to honor the company’s efforts with the most in-depth review possible. I genuinely apologize if this was too long or if there were any typos I didn’t catch. It took about a few months of on/off procrastination to write this, but I’m so glad I finally got it done. I feel like it took me such a long time particularly because I couldn’t find the words to express my gratitude and appreciation. I hope the message I tried to convey was received. I tried my best not to leave any details out in hopes that this review wouldn’t leave anyone with questions and could possibly help someone out in their own health journey. In the future, I wish to try all of Brittny’s medicinal products and hopefully afford to build myself a consistent monthly routine full of her supplements. Of course, if I purchase more than three times, you’ll know! That being said, if I live to see the day when I am fully healed, I would be honored to write another update sharing my growth and final results. To anyone who ends up trying ThisChickIsRaw, please join the movement and leave a review talking about your own experience. It would be amazing if as many customers as possible opened up a new perspective to people and showed them that these products truly work. A lot of people are wasting their time and going the pharmaceutical route unaware that it’s a 1.5 Trillion Dollar industry that does not have the people’s best interests at heart. So many hear about natural medicine but are skeptical and don’t believe in it because sadly a lot of people sell stuff in the name of “holistic medicine” that simply does not work. Even the customer service representative at TCR told me that the only way people believe them is when they try it for themselves and come back the next day wanting more. Give it a chance so you can see for yourself. Brittny is an expert at her craft, making ThisChichIsRaw truly one-of-a-kind! Sending lots of love & wishing everyone the best in 2024~!

    • Brittny Schwartz

      Wow Jenny, I appreciate this review more than words can express!!
      This means so much to my company and the staff that worked very hard to make sure everyone’s guts are very healthy
      I’m sorry that we have not sent your order, but I did have a baby a few days ago so I have been on maternity leave. However once we receive an order from you we will send you a lot of free product just because Shipping has increased so we will send out a free gallon of Kiefer, along with your next order, and some probiotic elixir Goji berry fermented probiotics again, thank you so much for this kind review and I’m so happy. This has helped you this is the best review we have ever received and it’s very detailed. Thank you so much Denny have a blessed day and keep being on your healing journey.

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