Raw Organic Probiotics for Pets

Raw Organic Probiotics for Pets

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Ingredients: Kombucha culture, sacchromycees pompei, sacchromycees boulardii, hyaluronic acid, 35 plus added strains of beneficial bacteria
For dogs, chickens, and cats
(tested on humans)
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(Works best when taken in conjunction with our colloidal copper)
Pet probiotics are essential to pet health .
Most pet diets are structured and pasteurized and do not have the probiotic biome to support proper pet health.
With our pet probiotics, caretakers of these pets can know they are giving them the best gut health they can …and the whole idea is to help our pets fight disease, increase digestion, and absorb as much of the good food we give them .
With just a few tube- fuls of the product,
based on the weight of the pet, proper doses are ensured .
Using the product , which can be put on treats or directly into the water, ensuring the best health possible for your pet.
Small bottles are full of energy and need to be kept chilled at all times to avoid the product combustion or pushing its way out of the bottle.
       Pet probiotics are the perfect answer for pets with gut health issues which most do because dogs and cats do not have access to the wild foods that they had for centuries. These powerful pet probiotics supplement everything that’s missing with the animals to promote entire body health along with cognitive and mental issues which pets also suffer from along with people. This is a perfect choice for pet owners as this can be quickly added to meals, water, or given directly into the mouths of the pets. One of our most cherished and precious products that we carry!

For dogs, chickens, and cats only

(Please help a stray! give them some of these amazing probiotics too!)

Store in fridge to prevent bottle combustion


Directions:  Use two to three full tubes directly into pets mouth with meals. Can be mixed in food or directly into mouth. Can be repeated two times per day

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Weight 16 oz
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  1. Tracy

    Love this product! My lab mix is especially prone to skin rashes. This product has reduced the occurrences, he is healthier, and his velvet-like fur is shiny!

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