Raw Living Spirulina Probiotic Elixir w/ Kombucha Tea

Raw Living Spirulina Probiotic Elixir w/ Kombucha Tea

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(Each Bottle is Fermented for a 30 to 60 day process)

Directions: Drink 4oz to 6oz not with meals half hour before, or half hour after meals or first thing in the morning


Ingredients: Raw Living Spirulina, Dozens of organic wildcrafted herbs, and Concentrated Kombucha tea, with various sources of probiotics
Spirulina elixir is hand cultivated in pristine setting for optimal purity and content .
Spirulina is a micro algae and grown in pure water .
It is a perfect food containing huge amounts of vitamins and minerals.
1 tbls of Spirulina has as much protein as an 8 oz Ribeye steak.
Like chlorella, Spirulina is toxic to all pathogens and is easily digested. It is neither a plant nor animal …but has the best of both
Directions: Drink 4 ounces and er day a half hour before or after meals 


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Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in

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Lighter}Medium, Strong


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