Genesis Factor (100 Capsules)

Genesis Factor (100 Capsules)

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Genesis Factor is a super blend of rainforest plants and herbs that aid in a variety of physical anomalies, mainly for menstrual problems, cramps, pain excessive bleeding, Fibroids, Endometriosis & hormone imbalance. Also, discourages tumor growth.
Graviola (leaves,fruit,seeds,bark,roots)
*fights cancercells,slowstumorgrowth. *fights bacteria, viruses, & parasites. *lowers heartrate,dilatesblood vessels,reducesspasms, reduces fever. *for high bloodpressure. *fordepression,stress, & nervousdisorders.
Guacatonga (bark & leaves)
*fights cancercells,slowstumorgrowth,protectsstomach, &
inhibits ulcerformation.
Cat’s Claw (vinebark)
*stimulates immunesystem,protectscells,fightsfreeradicals, reduces inflammation, *cleanses bowel, & fights cancercells.
*fights bacteria,fights cancercells,fights viruses, killsgerms, & enhances immunity.
*reduces bleeding, musclerelaxant,uterinerelaxant & hormonal
tumeric * helps regulatepain, abnormalbleeding & menstrualcramps.
vitex angus cactus *usedtotreatdysmenorrhea,endometriosis, amenorrhen andto
normalize monthly periods

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